Bright Led Panel Light 36W 598x598mm AC90-240V 50/60HZ

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  • Voltage:240V
  • Body Material:PC
  • Is Dimmable:No
  • Power Source:AC
  • Emitting Color:Changeable

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 BrightLed Panel Light Product Notices

1.   Construction and installation must be operated by professionals.In order to prevent the panel LED light from being damaged, falling,electric shock, fire and other accidents that threaten personal safety, pleaseread this manual carefully before installation, and operate strictly accordingto this manual. We will not be responsible for any damage, loss or any accidentcaused by the cautions and warnings in this manual.

2.   The panel LED light rated voltage is AC 100-240 volts,frequency is 50/60 Hz, if long-term using the light underover-voltage under-voltage circumstances, will affectthe light function and life cycle.

3.   Lighting installation, wiring must first cut off the power supplyin the case of power failure, the wiring must meet IEE standards or nationalstandards.

4.   Using the panel LED lights cannot violate any fire regulations.

5.   Do not install the panel LED light above the hot objects, rainforest damp field or closed environment (Do not install above the stove, gasand exhaust pipes and other objects to prevent damage.) Normal usingenvironment is -10 degrees to 50 degrees Celsius, if exceeds this regulationrange, it has the adverse influence to the product life time.

6.   When the abnormal phenomenon happens on certain panel LED light,please quickly cut off the power. It is strictly prohibited unauthorizedchanges to the product and circuit structure or components, it is also strictlyprohibited to remove the panel LED light or replace the components while poweron the panel LED light.

7.  In order to use the product safely and efficiently, please cleanit regularly and check every six months. Clean the panel LED light, use a softcloth with a little soapy water, wipe it dry, do not use other reagents toclean, especially the corrosive or soluble chemicals it will damage thehousing-protection of panel LED.


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