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Networking Storage/Software Defined Distributed Storage

Software Defined Distribution Storage System User data is protected by the most innovated software The software can be more flexible to achieve a high level of protection, allowing more disk drive failure at the same time, still will not cause data loss Performance can be expanded at will Each har

100/1G Base-X Module

Quad-Port 100/1G BX SFP Ethernet Teste Module for Ethernet Tester !!!

Customized Cable

HighFlexible Flat cable :  FlexibleFlat Cable Thehigh flat cables excel in repetitive motion equipment, are immune toshock and vibration, harsh environments, and temperature extremes.Their thin profile and high flexibility provide excellent solutionsfor compact devices and

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The company, iLu CO., LTD. dedicated to vertical integration of the industry, the goal is to provide good components with design advice in the design phase for business partners.
iLu is offering Layer-2 and Layer-3 fully managed Ethernet Switch control IC, discrete network transformers, integrated RJ-45 connectors, network test equipment, is the only one in industry who can support from silicon solution to Ethernet tester and end in WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) disposal.